Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Company is composed of the following members:

Mr. NogieIyayi                                    Chairman

Mr. B. A. Ogbebor                              Deputy Chairman/Managing Director

Mr. Eugene O. Ogbebor                     Executive Director

Mr. Nat Ogbebor                                 Executive Director

Mr. Joseph NosayabaOgbebor          Non-Executive Director

Mrs. Gloria Osaigbovo                        Non-Executive Director

Mr. Osayiogie Ogbebor                      Non-Executive Director

    Foresight Securities and Investment Limited (Foresight) was incorporated on October 25, 1995 and commenced business operations on February 28, 1997. It has its corporate headquarters at Foresight House, Ground Floor, 163/165, Broad Street, Lagos Island. P. O. Box 9226, Marina, Lagos.


    House, 163, Foresight, 165 Broad St, Lagos


    01 462 3417